Here Is Your Ellen Tracy Fall 2018 Campaign Rundown

In the world of women’s fashion, Ellen Tracy has kicked off its Fall 2018 Campaign. Don’t worry, it just happened a few days ago, so you’re not missing out. All eyes are on the new fall collection, and did you hear about the collaboration with Irina Shayk? Fall hasn’t quite started yet, so you’re ahead of the game. It’s time for you to discover the latest in women’s fashion as you see what Ellen Tracy has released for Fall 2018.

Rowan Papier was the photographer for the event, and the stylist was Alex White. You can check out all the textured wovens and knits, and there are even floral prints, for the fall? Yeah, that one surprised me, too, but just wait and see what all the brand has come up with this year in 2018. Polished silhouettes, tailored blazers, what’s called ‘desk to drink’ dresses and more await you.

Hey, those desk to drink dresses are quite popular. It’s a #TGIF moment when you know you’re wearing a dress that is great for both work and play. You don’t want to have to stop by the house and change after a hard day’s work. You just want to be able to enjoy a night out. From your desk to Happy Hour, you are able to make a smooth transition with one of those stylish dresses.

That is just one of the focal points for Ellen Tracy’s Fall Collection in 2018. Did you know that the brand has been around since 1949? You don’t have to visit the retail stores in person to be able to shop the collection. You are able to browse what’s available on digital platforms as well.

The merchandise available from the company covers 30 different product categories. You can imagine that Ellen Tracy’s Fall Collection features quite a few new items. The Labor Day Sale just kicked off the Fall Event, but it’s still early yet. You’ve got a good chance to get in on the action right now.

Take a fresh approach to your fall wardrobe, and get ready for the winter. Check out all the styles and designs that are available from Ellen Tracy this season. Find your grown-up glamour, your desk to drink dress and whatever else you’re searching for this fall when it comes to women’s wear. Ellen Tracy is a top-notch clothing and accessories company that really knows how to kick off each season.

Now LeModa Fashions Are Available at Linda Anderson

If you fell in love with the outdoor fashions from Le Moda clothing like capes, shawls, and gloves when you shopped at Cracker Barrel, there is good news. Once exclusively part of Cracker Barrel’s apparel line, now you buy Le Moda at

No one loves having to bundle up in the cold months without looking a little stylish. As a matter of fact, most women would prefer it if they could look beautiful and fashionable all while staying cozy and warm. With the styles offered by Le Moda, it is easy and effortless to look like you are wearing the latest designer outerwear all while staying toasty warm.

Le Moda offers one-size-fits-all capes that you can easily add to your wardrobe without paying a lot for it. Their drapey, spacious fleece looks like a pricier version only it is so affordable it is hard to believe. All of their pieces are made to look like high-priced designer clothes, but they cost well under $50.

Besides offering single pieces, they also offer sets that include gloves, scarves, and hats. Everything coordinates to help you pull off a fantastic look for day or night.

They offer capes that suit any one’s lifestyle. They are made to work for casual wear or dressy occasions. They dress up jeans and leggings or go great over fancier clothes for a night out. They are durable and easy to care for. Toss them in the washer and put them on a gentle dryer cycle. That is all it takes, and it is clear why these fashions were always so popular at the Cracker Barrel.

They are incredibly comfortable and make fantastic gifts. Le Moda has been offering fashion at great prices for women for over 65 years. Their current line includes capes, vests, shawls, wraps, ruanas and more. Their pieces are also excellent to pack for a trip and will travel well with no need for ironing.

There are so many patterns and colors to choose from, that picking out what you want is probably the only problem you could have with the line. Of course, you can always choose to buy more than one color in the shawl or ruana you want because you can afford to.

Get practicality, fashion, and easy-care with easy wear. Buy something for yourself or someone else from the Le Moda line. Everything they have is now available at and many items and orders come to you with special discounts on shipping.

The Robert Cavalli Launches New Website

Ready for explosion, Robert Cavalli launches a brand-new website. Excitement promises to position the brand in a position that it has not been in for very long time. Obviously, a move that coincides with its newest offerings. Maybe some might see it as a bit of a rebrand and a pivot from the marketing that they last performed. Many in the industry are saying really positive things about the launch of this new website. Giving customers and fans a new way to interact, and new way to view the latest merchandise, creating a better way to control their narrative and position themselves in the mindset of consumers.

Of course, everyone is on the Internet, but when Robert Cavalli launches a new website is a pretty big thing in the fashion world. One of the preeminent brands that we have, a fashion house that is well respected and known for their quality designs and matchless materials, the fashion world notices when they make any kinds of changes. The information that even many casual fans of fashion might want to know and keep abreast of. The type of information that could possibly be pivotal when you think about the moves that Cavalli has made over the years.

For fashion fans, we suggest that you take a look at the newest website by Robert Cavalli and take a look at it for yourself. Take a look at the latest offerings to see if it is presented in a way that is unique and purely Robert Cavalli. If it does what it is intended to do, control the conversation, paint the proper narrative of the brand, position it within the mindset and vision the people of what it is expected to be. Basically painting big pictures and drawing people to come inside and play.

As you can see, Robert Cavalli has launched a brand-new website, one that has been given a lot of buzz within the industry. Something that not only fashion journalist might have an interest in, but also the casual fashion fan. It is obvious that when a big brand makes a move like this, the update the things that they have been doing, it is going to make major fashion news. We could alternatively just say it is just a new website, but is more about the content, the history of the brand and what we know they have planned for the future.

The 5 Biggest Women’s Fall Fashion Trends for Fall 2018

We are quickly approaching the Autumn season of 2018. And that means that there will be excellent new fashion trends to keep up with. In this article, we will discuss the 5 biggest woman’s Fall fashion trends for Fall 2018.

1. Statement Coats

Depending on where you live, it’s going to get chilly this Autumn, and it always pays to have a coat to keep you warm. And the coats that are fashionable this Autumn will do that as well as make a statement. Opt for long coats in a variety of styles and prints. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your coats to be fluffy, patterned, or super colorful. You can also wear your coat(s) alone if you wish, or over your outfit for the day. Just make sure to pair with boots.

2. Ready to Ruche?

Another trend we see coming up in Fall of 2018 is the return of ruching. Ruching is excellent for the way it hugs curves but keeps the body flattered at the same time. Dresses with plenty of ruching will elongate your frame while boosting your style in a big way.

3. Very Busy Prints

The idea of this trend is to put together a few prints that may not seem as if they belong together. The key, however, is to pair your prints with a neutral that ties them together. This can be another garment or even an accessory, but it will polish your look and make you fashion-ready for Autumn.

4. Animal Print

This season we will see a revival of animal print such as leopard print coats, tiger print garments, and more. For a really bold look, consider wearing animal print all the way down to your shoes. It is an easy outfit choice, as you can just throw the outfit on and go while still looking as stylish as possible.

5. Red

The 5th biggest trend this Fall is the color red, especially when used in a monochrome way to complete your outfit. Use varying tones of this fierce color to really create a visual pop. The result is a beautiful outfit that will ensure you get noticed.

This Fall, consider these 5 biggest women’s Fall fashion trends in order to build an Autumn wardrobe that is fashionable and fun. From busy prints, statement coats, to the color red, you will be sure to wow everyone you come across this cool season.

Netflix Unveils The Binge Worthy Shows Users Crave Like Fat Kids And Cake

Netflix recently announced a humorous infographic. The infographic, rightfully named ‘netflix binge scale‘, reveals the shows in each category of:

  • Irreverent Comedies
  • Political Dramas
  • Historical Dramas
  • Superhero Dramas
  • Crime Dramas
  • Dramatic Comedies
  • Action & Adventure
  • Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • Thrillers

Each show is on a scale of Savory, if under 2 hours. And worthy of your devouring if over 2 hours.