Here Is Your Ellen Tracy Fall 2018 Campaign Rundown

In the world of women’s fashion, Ellen Tracy has kicked off its Fall 2018 Campaign. Don’t worry, it just happened a few days ago, so you’re not missing out. All eyes are on the new fall collection, and did you hear about the collaboration with Irina Shayk? Fall hasn’t quite started yet, so you’re ahead of the game. It’s time for you to discover the latest in women’s fashion as you see what Ellen Tracy has released for Fall 2018.

Rowan Papier was the photographer for the event, and the stylist was Alex White. You can check out all the textured wovens and knits, and there are even floral prints, for the fall? Yeah, that one surprised me, too, but just wait and see what all the brand has come up with this year in 2018. Polished silhouettes, tailored blazers, what’s called ‘desk to drink’ dresses and more await you.

Hey, those desk to drink dresses are quite popular. It’s a #TGIF moment when you know you’re wearing a dress that is great for both work and play. You don’t want to have to stop by the house and change after a hard day’s work. You just want to be able to enjoy a night out. From your desk to Happy Hour, you are able to make a smooth transition with one of those stylish dresses.

That is just one of the focal points for Ellen Tracy’s Fall Collection in 2018. Did you know that the brand has been around since 1949? You don’t have to visit the retail stores in person to be able to shop the collection. You are able to browse what’s available on digital platforms as well.

The merchandise available from the company covers 30 different product categories. You can imagine that Ellen Tracy’s Fall Collection features quite a few new items. The Labor Day Sale just kicked off the Fall Event, but it’s still early yet. You’ve got a good chance to get in on the action right now.

Take a fresh approach to your fall wardrobe, and get ready for the winter. Check out all the styles and designs that are available from Ellen Tracy this season. Find your grown-up glamour, your desk to drink dress and whatever else you’re searching for this fall when it comes to women’s wear. Ellen Tracy is a top-notch clothing and accessories company that really knows how to kick off each season.

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