The 5 Biggest Women’s Fall Fashion Trends for Fall 2018

We are quickly approaching the Autumn season of 2018. And that means that there will be excellent new fashion trends to keep up with. In this article, we will discuss the 5 biggest woman’s Fall fashion trends for Fall 2018.

1. Statement Coats

Depending on where you live, it’s going to get chilly this Autumn, and it always pays to have a coat to keep you warm. And the coats that are fashionable this Autumn will do that as well as make a statement. Opt for long coats in a variety of styles and prints. It doesn’t matter if you prefer your coats to be fluffy, patterned, or super colorful. You can also wear your coat(s) alone if you wish, or over your outfit for the day. Just make sure to pair with boots.

2. Ready to Ruche?

Another trend we see coming up in Fall of 2018 is the return of ruching. Ruching is excellent for the way it hugs curves but keeps the body flattered at the same time. Dresses with plenty of ruching will elongate your frame while boosting your style in a big way.

3. Very Busy Prints

The idea of this trend is to put together a few prints that may not seem as if they belong together. The key, however, is to pair your prints with a neutral that ties them together. This can be another garment or even an accessory, but it will polish your look and make you fashion-ready for Autumn.

4. Animal Print

This season we will see a revival of animal print such as leopard print coats, tiger print garments, and more. For a really bold look, consider wearing animal print all the way down to your shoes. It is an easy outfit choice, as you can just throw the outfit on and go while still looking as stylish as possible.

5. Red

The 5th biggest trend this Fall is the color red, especially when used in a monochrome way to complete your outfit. Use varying tones of this fierce color to really create a visual pop. The result is a beautiful outfit that will ensure you get noticed.

This Fall, consider these 5 biggest women’s Fall fashion trends in order to build an Autumn wardrobe that is fashionable and fun. From busy prints, statement coats, to the color red, you will be sure to wow everyone you come across this cool season.

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